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Game play  NBA LIVE Mobile

Summer 2019

I moved to Orlando, Fl to do a three month internship at the EA Sports Orlando office. I worked as an experience design intern with the NBA LIVE Mobile team where I was responsible for creating wireframes and workflow for the first real-time player versus player on the game. I also explored screens and user flow for other game modes such as the Multi-year Lineup Campaign and Superstars. Working with user research, especially competitive analysis was a part of making informed design decisions. Unfortunately, due to NDA I am unable to share all details about the project. If you have questions about my experience, feel free to drop me an email. Take a quick look at what I worked on here.

The opportunity here for me was to learn team dynamics, micro & macro scaled events, aside from designing experiences within the game.
  • Timeline: 3 months
  • My Role: Game level flow creation, survey question crafting, screen layout design
  • Tools: Adobe XD, Invision, Confluence, Slack

What I got to play with 🏀

Exploring flow for new game mode : real time player vs player

Discussing with artists, game designers & developers how the interactions for a first time user would be vs a user who has completed level 5, 6 and so on. It was explored through variations of information architecture layout and interactive prototypes.
Deploying beta version of Arena mode

Ensuring that the users knew this was a beta version and getting as much real-time insights was paramount to this release. Highlighting the info button and enabling players to learn the timeline of rewards was essential. This would lead to the full release to be more cohesive.


  • Flexibility within range
    I learned how to create a design system with customizable components, create new ones and reuse them to fit varying scenarios, all under the game boundaries.

  • Steering through ambiguity
    Moving ahead in the process even when I couldn’t get to the exact perfect answers or layouts to the task at hand. Carrying out several ideas to get to the final was key.

  • Learning the game system quick
    Not having played the game beforehand, I learned the in-game flows, in a short span of time, to be able to understand and empathise with the end user and create new flows.

Thank you ea 💛

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