These were the deliverables for my graphic design studio: Idea Visualization. I was tasked to create a brand identity for a clothing brand. I came up with Eigi, a sustainable, luxury line aimed at people who want to buy luxury clothing that they can keep for a long, long time. Eigi also comes with a service that enables people to fix the little wear and tear to extend a clothing's life.

Eigi, means "mine" in my native tongue. This brand is all about making it your experience. Not only is the shopping and shipping personalized, the ability to fix wear and tear is made yours.

Entice them


A part of creating the brand of Eigi, I included a service where a person could fix the little wear and tear of their clothings to extend its life span. Here letting the people know that they need not trash their clothes with minimal damages. I believe that just by extending a clothing's life, we can make the whole fashion space a lot more green.

Go green while shopping

Yes, all of us argue with, "It's tough to not shop when there is a sale here and there." The least we could do it offset our carbon footprint in our shopping sprees, online, especially. Gone are the days when individuals wonder what they can do to help when the climate issue is so massive.


A TV channel for anyone who is passionate about sea life. The vast oceans and seas come with even more massive information with it. Get interesting snippets and know which areas you are interested in.

Do you want to learn about fish that evolved with no eyes, because they don't need them at all or the unreal looking organisms that look like computer renderings? It's up to you.

Museum of Ordinary Things

A poster I created for a graphic design studio class. I made it about watches. I think that watches have evolved in an interesting fashion. Watches have been around for a long time and it has stayed in its basic functioning up until the first smart watches, only two decades or so ago. This was a piece to tribute the older designs. Looking at older watches always makes me imagine a full picture of a city or a household and never the watch alone. It has a storytelling surface, which I enjoy very much.



I love creating traditional style illustrations and playing around with mixed media and experimenting with what goes well together. These are some of my past work.

I have a wish to create a scientific illustration booklet one day 🔎

That's it for now... ✨
I'll have more soon!

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