XIX Entry

Securely sign into your web apps with face ID.

Entry is a biometric identity provider that enables users to seamlessly and securely authenticate in their favorite apps, without compromising privacy, security and user experience.

Launch the site 👉

  • Timeline: 5 week sprint
  • My Role: UX & interaction designer
  • Tools: Figma, Miro, Loom

The Challenge

While XIX Entry promises the ease of logging into web apps manually, the on boarding needed to be optimised to reduce drop off rate. Aside from revisions to be made after the first usertesting, prototypes for various new user scenarios had to be created to ensure inclusivity.

The Strategy

We began with information architecture to have clarity on the new flow of XIX and championing its restrictions & opportunities. Redesigns and new interface additions were made to support the user in every way.

Value of XIX Entry

Users can sign in to their favorite web apps by face using web cameras on laptops and desktop devices. Entry helps organizations prevent account takeover attacks, credential breaches, phishing and password spraying attacks by using biometric authentication, as a superior alternative to a legacy MFA solutions.

The different flows I designed for

Prototype snippets - interact with them!
*please view in full screen for optimized experience*

On-boarding experience with XIX Entry
Sign in - for pre-existing credentials available
For full prototype and experience, please reach out to me here.

The next phase for this web based tool will be to develop more specific uses such as for corporate environments and individual use.


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